Arche Investments

Welcome! We are an Investment Holding Company operating on behalf of a family actively investing into financial services, insurance, and great quality companies active in the real economy. 

We invest for the long-term and maintain an enduring focus on supporting our business partners.

Arche Investments is an investment holding company, founded in 2016 to manage the assets and affairs of two families with the shared objective to invest in a concentrated portfolio of companies that will achieve long-term growth in shareholder value.

Our goal is to achieve sustainable and compounded returns by strategically selecting exceptional companies of outstanding quality. We prioritise firms with strong financial performance, and efficient management teams, who foster ethical management practices.

We build a portfolio poised for enduring prosperity by targeting great companies, where entrepreneurial-minded management teams follow a disciplined capital allocation approach to drive long-term value creation.

"A great company is by definition one that will remain great for 30 years!! If it is only going to be great for 3-5 years, it is not a great company!" - Charlie Munger (Vice Chairman - Berkshire Hathaway)

Our Team

We are an independent private investment office. Although we are happy to connect with other investors, we do not offer any financial or investment services directly. 

Through our UK-based FCA-regulated subsidiary, Little Square Capital, we offer confidential, unconflicted, and strategic financial and investment consulting services to corporations, UHNW individuals and families.

 Co-founder & CIO

Co-founder & Head of Investments

What we do

Arche Investments are dedicated to the Allocation of Capital on behalf of our founding families.

We hold a portfolio of ownerships in private and public markets, and do not currently allocate capital to Venture Capital or Private Equity funds.

It is our belief that it is often the little things in life which change things the most and last the longest.

We embrace unconventional wisdom and take calculated risks in order to potentially uncover unique investment prospects and generate superior returns.

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." - George Bernard Shaw (Author)